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Amazon Stores Updates: What You Need To Know (2019)

Amazon has introduced a slew of innovative, exciting features for Amazon Store owners and marketers to take advantage of. Store owners can now work on tweaks small and large to improve source tags, integrate background videos into their Store pages, and gain greater insights into their Stores’ metrics.

None of these updates will be of any use to a company who doesn’t know how they work or how to utilize them, though. This brief outline of the latest improvements to Amazon Storefront will leave you well-poised to take advantage of everything marketing through Amazon has to offer.

Amazon Stores: An Overview

Amazon introduced Stores as a way for businesses to promote their brands and products on the site. Stores are multi-page, customizable, and free to use. Any seller enrolled in the Amazon Brand registry can create a store without paying a dime– vendors and agencies can take advantage of the option, too! Advertising through the site isn’t necessary to create a store.

Amazon Stores offer sellers the opportunity to showcase their products and create a cohesive brand story to drive consumer engagement and boost sales. Amazon started the program with the intent to give sellers the capability to truly define their goals and brand identity to potential customers.

Designing a Store is intuitive and simple. There’s no coding required– everything is predesigned or drag-and-drop to offer personalization without overwhelming sellers. Business can snag their own web address, leverage Store Insights to ensure ad campaigns are fully optimized, and build their brand’s presence on the site with minimal effort.

New Features for Amazon Stores

Custom Source Tag Improvements

Before the newest update, custom source tags were limited to reporting only the top thirty source tags. Now, Amazon will be able to show Store owners the top one hundred source tags. Sellers will also be able to export each and every source tags that meets new, relaxed data thresholds.

Creating tags for subpages has also become easier. What was once a highly manual and laborious process is now a breeze. Store owners can create copy-and-paste source tag links for absolutely any page within a Store through a handful of simple steps. All sellers need to do is choose a destination page, create a tag name, and generate a link.

“Sources” and “your tags” have also been separated from one another. Amazon recognized that sellers who leverage custom tags do so with the intent to categorize traffic more easily. Now that these tags have a dedicated location and are easy to find, optimizing and categorizing become a cinch!

Background Videos

In an effort to make building a brand story easier for sellers, Amazon has integrated a new feature into the Store platform. Users can now upload a video ranging from two to twenty seconds long to their storefront. These videos autoplay when a customer lands on the page and loop silently while Store pages loads.

These videos can be utilized to capture shoppers’ interest and are available in full-width tiles. Products and brands can now be displayed in a bold, meaningful way to share messages and engage visitors. Video spaces can be easily dragged and dropped into place as sellers design their Stores– it’s as simple as selecting a video tile during the Store building process.

New Stores Insights Metrics

Perhaps the most notable improvement to the Amazon Store sphere is the bevy of new Stores Insights Metrics that sellers can access. Following the release of the Stores Insight dashboard last year, Amazon’s advertising team has stepped up their game and increased the amount of transparency afforded to sellers.

Stores Insights Metrics

The Stores Insights dashboard was launched in March of 2018. It was intended to afford sellers on the platform a quick, easy way to access basic reports surrounding sales and traffic. Store owners could take a peek into data surrounding daily visits, page views, and sales information.

The program was initially designed with a few key goals in mind. Amazon wanted to offer sellers the ability to pinpoint their top traffic sources and dive deeper into store performance. Now, these processes have become even simpler.

This year, Amazon elected to expand the metrics they display to Store owners. The Amazon advertising team felt sellers should have access to metrics that helped shape a picture of how customers interact with brands and products. Creative efforts’ success can now be tracked and managed much more easily than ever before.

Amazon introduced six new metrics that Stores Insights can now measure and display:

  1. Sales per visitor
  2. Sales per visit
  3. Orders
  4. Orders per visit
  5. Units per order
  6. Sales per order

Ideally, Store owners will be able to use this information to make informed, educated optimization decisions depending on their goals. This greater degree of insight into what is selling, who’s buying it, and how they’re buying it offers previously unprecedented levels of insight into how customers interact with a brand and its products.

Amazon also moved to overhaul their user interface. Store owners can utilize tabbed cards, info tooltips, and metric dropdowns to make work easier as they go along. Metric and source types all have info tooltips next to them to make understanding what, exactly, you’re looking at a breeze; metric dropdowns make analyzing top pages, sources, and tags simple; and tabbed cards offer sellers the ability to see overviews of metrics and switch between them quickly.

The latest round of updates to Amazon Storefronts and Insights may change the landscape of selling through the platform. Now, more than ever before, setting up a cohesive and meaningful Store that communicates a brand’s message and mission is easy. Store owners have the ability to track critical metrics, monitor consumer behavior, and make adjustments to their marketing strategies accordingly.

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