Multichannel E-Commerce

Maintain and expand your catalog growth across
additional marketplaces and channels.

Diversify your
selling portfolio

List your products on other third-party driven marketplaces such as Walmart, Newegg or Houzz.
Reach out and build relationships with channels such as Wayfair, Overstock and Home Depot.
Social & Search
List your products on social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and even Google Shopping.
We’ll help support all the content and technical demands of multichannel selling.

Take Control

Whether you sell in one place or many, it's time to ramp up the efforts.
Take control, protect your brand and build relationships with multiple channels.

Great brands deserve
to be diversified

When it comes to selling online, we fully understand the woes of having “too many eggs in one basket”. We get it, we love Amazon too – but in today’s selling environments, they are many different ways to sell to your customer. We believe this type of selling environment is not only the healthiest for brands but also the best for your end customer. Let us tell you why.

As a manufacturer’s representative for multiple marketplaces and retail channels, we strategically help our vendors sell with the biggest of online retailers & marketplaces online. We fully understand the dynamics of selling in a digital environment. We know how best to accelerate brand development online while increasing sales for the products we help represent.

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